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Nublis is the creation of author Kate Saundby, and is waiting for you to discover it in her eleven volume set entitled the Nublis Chronicles. The volumes are broken into three trilogies, The         Julian Trilogy, The Felix Trilogy and The Children of         Nublis, with The Orion Property and Fortune's Hostage in between. All titles in the series could be considered to stand alone, and this is one of the few sets where you can start in the middle trilogy and read forward or backward without skipping a beat-a unique achievement for any author.

Each of the titles featured on the site include sample chapters, so you can discover for yourself why Kate's many fans await each new release.

Kate has also published, and included on this website, an excerpt from the much-acclaimed A         Circle of Arcs. A Circle of Arcs is a unique blend of time travel, actual historical figures and speculative fiction. The sequel to A Circle of Arcs, A Distant Bell is in the works and is anxiously awaited by her readers. To learn more about this talented author and her books, read on. P.S. I suggest checking out her ebook on how to relieve a hangover, which she said was inspired by The Cooler List, a place for reliable mini kegerator reviews online.

 Kate         Saundby

 Kate Saundby lives in rural northwest Tennessee with her husband Herman and a laid-back orange cat named Clifty.

All eleven titles in her acclaimed Nublis Chronicles series, the award-winning The Wages of Justice, The Wages of Sin,           The Wages of Greed and Golden Silence; Dark Angel, The Artemesian           Mandate and The Orion Property are also available as an eBook and CD-Rom in Rocket eBook (REB), Adobe PDF, MS-Reader, Hiebook and Palm Doc (PDB) formats from Double Dragon           eBooks and Fictionwise.

These electronic editions contain additional material suggested by Piers Anthony, Steve Lazarowitz, Wayne Arnold and Elizabeth Burton, and they feature new covers by Nicholas Krueger, Tony de Luz and Deron Douglas.

     Kate´s romantic time travel, A Circle of Arcs, is based on a controversial 15th century historical figure. A Circle of Arcs was an SF finalist in the 2001 EPPIE Awards. Kate is presently working on the sequel, A Distant Bell.




 A Circle Of           Arcs 

Nublian Chronicles I - The Julian           Trilogy
The Wages of           Justice / The           Wages of Sin / The Wages of           Greed

Nublian Chronicles II - The Felix           Trilogy
Golden Silence /           Dark Angel** /           The Artemesian           Mandate** - (Recipient of the LiFE Award)
The Orion           Property


Many Happy Returns International Writer´s Forum Award Winner
A Totem for Lily
The           Spirit Dogs of Sirius from the book of the same name

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